17 Days Until Hack Reactor Technical Challenge!


It’s December 21st and there are 17 total days until my Hack Reactor Technical Challenge on January 6th 2016.

I more then anything want to get into the January 11th cohort that way I can finish after the end of Q1 for 2016. I’m trying to make things happen in my life sooner than later so buckling down to focus and zero in on this!

Will try and put 10-15 hour days in learning JavaScript programming to pass my Hack Reactor Technical Challenge.

Day 1 it’s now 4:14AM as of writing this. I’ll update in after I wake up to focus more on the programming. Will blog about the general tasks which I read/learn up on.

Day 1 at 9:30AM with 5 hrs 45mins sleep. Have to work on a few things and will spend the rest of the day coding!

Exactly 15 Days For My Technical Hack Reactor Interview


I’ve decided as much as I wanted to learn the AppAcademy curriculum as well since they are very well recommended. They don’t have as many classes within the time frames that I would like. It’s also fairly earlier than later.

If I have time to finish their application then I might consider it.

  • HackReactor’s next classes are January 11th and February 29th 2015.
  • AppAcademy’s next classes are January 4th and March 7th 2016.

AppAcademy SF Cycles

There curriculum is also very good. I believe, all I really need is the skills on how to find what I need to find and the general concepts and I think I can pick it up fairly easily.

App Academy’s curriculum is similar. If I don’t go to AA, I’ll need to brush up and learn this material on my own.

  • Week 1 – Ruby + Object Oriented Design
  • Week 2 – Ruby II + Test-Driven Development (TDD)
  • Week 3 – SQL + ActiveRecord (AR)
  • Week 4 – The Web + Rails I
  • Week 5 – Rails II
  • Week 6 – Advanced Rails + Javascript I
  • Week 7 – Advanced Javascript: Backbone.js
  • Week 8 – Advanced Topics I + Backbone.js Design Patterns
  • Week 9 – Capstone Project + Advanced Topics II
  • Week 10 – Rails Topics + Libraries
  • Week 11 – Advanced JavaScript + Full-Stack Development
  • Week 12 – Theory + Practice

I’ll have to focus and learn Ruby, Ruby on Rails on my own after HackReactor.

Boot Camp Time Crunch…….

17 days and counting..

I’m most definitely behind in time and knowledge for JavaScript. It’s going to be December 21st Tomorrow. My technical interview is on the 6th of January 2016. The HackReactor class starts on the 11th.

This gives me exactly 15 days in total minus the 24th for Christmas Eve and 25th for Christmas Day.

I need to put in 10-15 hours per day for these 15 days to learn enough to be able to pass the HackReactor Technical Interview.

I’ll be buckling down and focusing on learning JavaScript! Wish me luck. I’ll be blogging about it 17 days and counting!

This is about my 17 days Technical Hack Reactor Bootcamp!

AppAcademy Application Challenge


AppAcademy is another great highly recommended bootcamp here in San Francisco. I’ve been talking with a friend who has already been through the Hack Reactor course and he highly recommends AppAcademy since most of the people his company has been looking for have been rails developers.

I’m still not completely sure on the exact concept of the main use and differences of JavaScript versus Ruby on Rails (ROR). However, I have a big semi-clear idea and IMHO I feel that Ruby on Rails is something I would want to know or need to know for what I want to accomplish. I’ll need to know it most definitely.

What is App Academy?

The AppAcademy is a similar 12 week course but their goal is to have you become a Software Developer and unlike Hack Reactor their main focus is not specifically JavaScript. You’ll learn how to use Ruby on Rails, JavaScript and Backbone.

App Academy is also low risk and does not charge for tuition until you get a job which is 18% of your first year salary payable within the first 6 months of employment.

You can actually see the full curriculum listed here – AppAcademy Curriculum.

App Academy Application Challenge

The AppAcademy program will test your knowledge by completing a challenge. You can take the challenge in Ruby, Python, JavaScript or Java.

Unlike the Hack Reactor the AppAcademy short exercise only allows 45 minutes to complete the task. Prepare first…

What To Study?

Hack Reactor’s Technical Interview


I passed the Admissions Challenge for Hack Reactor was actually much easier than I thought. I believe, the Technical Challenge will be much more difficult and I plan on trying to get way ahead of the curve before I start anyways.

What To Expect For Your Technical Interview

It’s recommend to be fully prepared for your technical interview. Recommended to schedule a technical interview 2 to 3 weeks out.

The purpose of a technical interview is to evaluate a student’s technical skills and non-technical qualities that are known to make the program a success.

Technical interview will get to know you and a little about your background.

Pair programming to help understand your level of JavaScript and Programming.

Introduce you to new concepts and try to learn and build simple things together.

Your intellectual curiosity, tenacity and ability to teach with Hack Reactor teaching methods. If you are stuck, they will help direct you to becoming unstuck just like the actual program.

Ask questions which you are most interested in learning about. The interviewers are mostly alumni who have been through the program and can relate their own experiences about the program.

After the technical interview it will take up to 7 days to make a final decision if you will be accepted in that cohort or not.

Key Concept

The key concept is not necessarily what you know but how you are able to solve a problem. Are you the type of person who can effectively solve a problem on your own and find the answer.

Soft skills are needed and are important. Learn how to describe a process in how you will approach and solve a problem. This is the most valuable skill as this will help someone else help you in figuring out the issue.

Hack Reactor Technical Interview Road Map

  • JavaScript essentials including objects, arrays and functions.
  • Learn about JavaScript functions.
  • Using CallBacks in JavaScript.
    • Pass functions as arguments to other functions.
    • How to use both anonymous functions and functions stored in variables as callback arguments.
  • Composing and Writing Functions.
  • What arguments for functions and what types?
  • What gets returned out of a function?
  • How and when do you use anonymous functions?
  • What is a higher order function? How are they created?
  • Learn and be able to respond to new concepts and materials.
  • Build a simple app or program which will help you understand the various concepts.

JavaScript Technical Interview Resources

These are the recommend links from

Learn By Doing….

JavaScript Additional Resources

Additional links which will help you in your learning process.

Hack Reactor’s Admissions Challenge


To be accepted into HackReactor, you need to complete their Admissions Challenge. The Admissions challenge should take 10 to 15 hours of self-instruction.

How To Start The Admissions Challenge

Start the challenge, Sign up with your Gmail account. Run through the exercises.

HackReactor Admissions Challenge

Hack Reactor Admissions Challenge Tips

You need to know the basic concepts of JavaScript.

  • What is an array?
  • What is a function?
  • What is an object?

Here are suggestions on what you can and should study.

Any other basic training courses in JavaScript will work perfectly fine. If you can take some beginning quizzes and tests that will better prepare you.

  • You can’t get anything wrong.
  • You can’t continue to the technical interview unless you pass it.
  • There is no time limit.

Give it a shot. Google and search how to accomplish basic arrays, functions and objects.

Most people always learn better by doing.

Why HackReactor? About Hack Reactor?


I did a very thorough search on which coding boot camp would give me the best experience and challenge. From reading the countless reviews and looking at reviews from various websites it was a no brainer.

Hack Reactor is by far the most expensive at about $18k for a 3 month program. It’s also not simple to get in. They are looking for people who can be taught, people who have already learned the basics of Javascript. You do have to do some pre-course work and pass for you to be accepted. If you fail, you do have the chance to try again.

They do mention their 98-99% placement rate and a $110k per year salary after graduation. They really pride theirselves on this and the only other company which displays these figures would be App Academy.


Software Engineer Job Tips

  • Personal Contacts & Recommendation Referrals
    • Ask for referrals and recommendations from people whom you know.
  • Monday 9AM – Get into the inbox early.
  • Best place to get a job is through a recommendation.
  • Do not stop applying do you have the offer letter signed.
  • Job pages can be outdated. Contacting them to find out
  • Be persistent in the companies which you are interestedin.
    • Message companies on social media – Twitter, LinkedIn.

Why I Decided To Attend Coding Boot Camp


Why You Should Attend A Coding Bootcamp!

In the past, I was looking into the coding boot camps and I was hesitant on quitting my day job (due to lack of monthly income), having to pay for a boot camp class (more expenses). However, if you think about it. Most people who try to achieve in having a six figure income ($100,000+) will go through much more in expenses and debt to achieve their goals.

The current cost of a bootcamp $5,000 to $20,000 is a cake walk in cost compared to other occupations. It’s also a highly in demand position as of December 2015 and will be in the future. However, it will eventually become filled with tons of programmers/software developers and starting salaries may be less in the near future. The best time to start is ASAP depending on your own situation of course. The earlier and quicker you start the more experience you’ll have much sooner and the more you’ll learn.

Why? I’ll Just Code On My Own.

Sure, you can code on your own, work your full time job and then some. The great part about coding boot camp is you set a schedule time usually 9 to 5 Monday to Friday for 3 to 5 months (depending on the camp) to do nothing but CODE. Normally, when is that time normally attainable when you have a full time job and more on your plate?

My original plan was to spend 3 to 4 hours per day after work to code. Many people have done this and gotten a developer/programming full time job. It does take a bit longer and will take anywhere from 6 to 8 months but these people who studied also normally spent 6 to 8+ hours per day for 6 to 8 months. You can find some of these programming journey blogs, journals on my previous posts.

Time is wasting… Get started today!

Whichever route, you choose. I wish you the best of luck!

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Developer Journal Log


Mundane IT Work…Bootcamp for the New Year.


New Year… New Career!

So.. I’ve been thinking and have been pretty bummed out doing busy and non challenging work at my normal day job. I’ve been in my current company for 3 years now going on my 4th year for 2016. In the beginning, I learned a ton but the learning has come to a halt.

I’ve been wanting to leave for some time now to move onto bigger and better things. Programming has been on the back of my mind for a while now and it’s now time to take things up a notch.

In the midst of looking for a new job and applying to many jobs locally I figured and calculated the pros and cons. If I’m going to end up moving to another job or position in the IT field. I figured, I might as well fit in 3-4 months to attend a developer bootcamp and after the 3-4 months. I can focus more on landing a developer position and programming on a daily basis.

I’m excited for what new things will be coming soon.

Not Enough Time

The reason for quitting my current full time job is I don’t have enough time to program or study. I currently run a side business which takes up my time after “work” which has made it difficult to study. I am however planning on selling my side business to free up my spare time to start on new projects. Until, then this still takes up majority of my free/spare time.

I could study for 6 to 8 months part-time and get it done but I wouldn’t have the “connections and paperwork” to include on my own resume. It would also be mid to the end of the year 2016. I want to get this programming done by the 1st quarter of the year.

Boy, How Time & The Years Fly By

Ever since, I got older (28 years old now) referring to maybe 3-4 years ago time just seems to fly by ridiculously fast. I also want to take advantage of every year to come since I’m no longer 21 or 23 years old anymore and there’s so much more I want to accomplish.

For this reason, I’m willing to spend the money to pay for a coding bootcamp class. This will get rid of my day job and that time at my day job will be replaced with programming 8+ hours a day for 3-5 months. Previously, I didn’t want to do this as I enjoy the monthly income and didn’t want to lose it. However, I figured this is a big issue

Sure, I’ll spend money and I’ll have to burn into some savings but the benefits and outcome after I’ve finished coding camp will be tremendous.

I’ll most likely be working on a side business if I don’t need to study and this will help with any lost income.

Here are the pro’s and con’s how I see it.

PROS - Attend Bootcamp CONS - Self Study Programming
Finish in 3 to 4 months. 4/12 months for 2016. Learn in 6 to 8 months. 8/12 months for 2016. I usually can't find time for this so it would be much longer most likely.
Spend 8+ Hours Per Day. Spend 2-3 Hours per day.
If, I get a coding job right after = 1 full year coding for 2016. Spend $10,000-$15,000 for Coding Camp.
More Opportunities: Increase salary pay and learn skills to create a internet side business while working F/T. Lose Out On Earned Income: Quit My F/T Job. Lose out on $15,000 to $20,000 during coding time.

Scared To Act, Take On Risk

It’s most definitely a big jump and scary but without acting and taking on risk or chasing what you want. You won’t be living up to your fullest potential.

Life’s not that exciting playing everything safe and if you want something in life. You have to go get it.

Blogging About The Journey!

Once, I figure out which coding camp I plan on attending. I will be releasing a day to day summary of what was learned and my opinions of the experience.

I think it will also be beneficial for everyone who visits this website in the future.

I’ll be browsing and checking through the available Boot camps here in SF. Stay tuned!